Fat Fashion

This is your semi-regular thread in which fat women can share pix, make recommendations for clothes they love, ask questions of other fat women about where to locate certain plus-size items, share info about sales, talk about what jeans cut at what retailer best fits their body shapes, discuss how to accessorize neutral colored suits, share stories of going bare-armed for the first time, brag about a cool fashion moment, whatever.

image of me sitting at my desk, wearing a floral print top
Working yesterday afternoon. Blouse by ModCloth.

Most of the time, I work wearing jeans and a tank top and my specs, but every once in awhile, I'll put on a favorite top or skirt and dress it up a bit when I need a boost of enthusiasm.

(And I will wear contacts when I have a mean zit on the side of my nose right where my specs tend to lie, lol.)

I'm not super motivated by what I wear, but sometimes a change in routine just feels good. And necessary. One of the best things about working at home is that you don't have to care about what you wear. And one of the worst things about working at home is that you don't have to care about what you wear. Heh.

ModCloth is one of my favorite places for happy prints. They can be really hit-and-miss, fit-wise, though. If you ever order from ModCloth, I highly recommend checking the reviews to see if people are saying something runs small or large.

One of the things I love the most about ModCloth is that users posts pictures of themselves in the reviews. Whenever I see a fat lady of my size post a picture, I am overjoyed to have her help in figuring out if it's something that will work for me.

I do wish ModCloth used more fat models for that reason.

Anyway. As always, this is a general thread for fat fashion, but, if you need a topic: Do you get a boost from wearing something out of the ordinary? If so, what item(s) make you feel good when you're in a rut?

Have at it in comments! Please remember to make fat women of all sizes, especially women who find themselves regularly sizing out of standard plus-size lines, welcome in this conversation, and pass no judgment on fat women who want to and/or feel obliged, for any reason, to conform to beauty standards. And please make sure if you're soliciting advice, you make it clear you're seeking suggestions—and please be considerate not to offer unsolicited advice. Sometimes people just need to complain and want solidarity, not solutions.

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