The Wednesday Blogaround

This blogaround brought to you by morning glories.

Recommended Reading:

Prison Culture: [Content Note: Misogynoir; violence] No Selves to Defend: Marissa Alexander & A Legacy of Criminalizing Women of Color for Self-Defense

Sofia & Sharona: [CN: Christian Supremacy; dominionism; homophobia; misogyny; racism] How Fundamentalist Christians Are Infiltrating State and Federal Government

Aoife: [CN: Transphobia; self-harm] On Mothers' Day: "I am not dead. I am here, typing this."

Soya: [CN: Racism] Deeper Than Words: Donald Sterling's Racism and the Model Minority Myth

Golda: [CN: Fat hatred] Monica & Me: Fat Girls of the '90′s

Indian Homemaker: [CN: Sexual violence; rape apologia] Delhi Court Rules That "Forced Intercourse in Marriage" Is Not Rape

BYP: [CN: Violence; guns; police brutality] 377 Rounds Fired into Vehicle with Unarmed Men in Florida by Cops

Jamilah: Shonda Rhimes Will Own ABC on Thursday Nights

Andy: [CN: Homophobia] Dallas Morning Show Host Storms off the Air After Objecting to Michael Sam Kiss

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