Mission Accomplished

by Shaker GoldFishy
Project 515 was formed in 2006 as states across the country were moving to ban same-sex marriage. It was named for the 515 state laws that once treated same-sex couples differently than straight couples.

...In a vote that was followed by toasts with champagne and sparkling pear juice, Project 515's board of directors decided Thursday night in Minneapolis to close up both non-profit branches of the group by June 30.

Project 515 co-founder and current board chair John Larsen said the group never expected to accomplish their ultimate goal in less than a decade.

"I remember sitting in the attic of our house and saying, 'We want to go out of business,'" Larsen said. "It's a really, really rare occasion when you get to achieve a mission as an organization."
Reading this article about Project 515's board of directors deciding to close the group's doors, I'm struck by this turn of events.

When Project 515 started, I remember reading their various reports and pondering the personal impact of being excluded from the rights and benefits of marriage. It was often a troubling and disheartening message: I am less-than. It was hard to imagine overcoming the opposition to marriage equality, even in "progressive" Minnesota.

Now, a year after the Governor signed marriage equality into law, an organization dedicated to making that happen can proudly declare that they have no further reason to exist in our state.

(Their partner in the push against the amendment and in favor of marriage equality, Outfront Minnesota, will remain to lead the charge for building an inclusive, safe community for all LGBTQI people.)

What an amazing moment in time we are witnessing...wow.

In less than a month, The Captain and I will be legally wed. Mission accomplished, indeed.

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