TV Corner: Scandal

[Content Note: Rape culture; terrorism. Spoilers from the recent episodes of Scandal.]

image of Cyrus Beene sitting at his desk, in Scandal

Really?! I mean, REALLY?! Cyrus is just going to let a terrorist attack happen, in order to make sure Fitz gets reelected? OKAY. Well, Fitz was thrilled to hear they stuffed the ballot box last time, so I'm sure he'll be tickled to find out that Cyrus let Maya blow up Sally Langston to win this time around!

And yet that still wasn't the worst part of this episode, because THE SCENE WITH HUCK AND QUINN EXISTS IN THE WORLD. Oh good grief. I could not be less excited about the direction that has taken. Which is weird, because, a couple of seasons ago, I would have really enjoyed seeing Huck and Quinn kiss-eating each other's faces, but now? Not so much. Funny how torture douses my passion to ship characters.

Mellie. Oh, Mellie. She earned the fuck out of that meltdown.

I still kind of love Jake, but I was snickering a little bit at the way he's talking about being Command like he's been Command for more than two actual seconds. He's acting like he's all emotionally grizzled and shit. Come on, Jake. COME ON, JAKE. We can see your still-rosy cheeks!

Why doesn't Harrison have anything to do anymore?

Fitz continues to be an insufferable man-baby who does not deserve to have Olivia wasting her energy on him. HER COATS ARE MORE IMPRESSIVE THAN HE IS. How can a woman with such marvelous coats be so enamored with such an underwhelming man?!

I cannot wait for the season finale.


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