This F#@king Guy

[Content Note: Misogyny; choice policing; judgment; rape culture.]

In case you have ever inexplicably thought, "I'm not sure if I'm actually hating Dr. Drew, who is definitely the worst, at maximum intensity," let me direct you to Part One of the Teen Mom 2: Finale Special which aired last night on MTV.

After every season of the show finishes, Dr. Drew hosts the four teen moms (and their current and former partners, and/or parents) in a studio, where he looks at clips from the season and then makes jokes about their crying and then shames the fuck out of them while absolutely not listening to anything they're saying.

Further, he continually badgers the young mothers about how they don't understand how hard it is to be a dude, hectors them for being ungrateful, and frames abuse dynamics as "immaturity" while berating their failure to demonstrate sufficient appreciation for the people who abuse them.

He is aggressively unethical, smug, and cruel to young women who put their lives on display in the hope of educating other young women about their experiences and serving as self-aware cautionary tales.

And he ends the show by saying things like, "Pregnancy is absolutely preventable," despite the fact that rape and reproductive coercion are things that exist in the world, to which young women are particularly vulnerable.

I detest him with the red hot fiery passion of ten thousand suns.

Dr. Drew: You are the fucking worst.

[Note: There are valid criticisms to be made about the Teen Mom series, and its progenitor, 16 and Pregnant, but those are not on-topic for this thread.]

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