[Content Note: War; self-harm.]

While many veterans of the wars he started are killing themselves and others, former President George W. Bush, who "sheds a tear" over suffering vets, is about to open an art show of his supercool paintings of world leaders.

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Today host Matt Lauer: ...and tomorrow on Today, President George W. Bush: He's taken up painting since leaving the White House, and now an exhibit featuring his work, called "The Art of Leadership," is opening at his presidential library. The president gave his daughter, Jenna, a preview.

Cut to clip of Today reporter Jenna Bush Hager interviewing her dad.

Bush Hager: Have any of these leaders seen their portraits?

Bush: They have not.

Bush Hager: Not one?

Bush: Not one.

Bush Hager: What do you think their reactions will be?

Bush: I think they're gonna be, uh, "Wow. George Bush is a painter." [They both laugh.] I mean, I'm sure when they heard that I was painting, if they have, they're gonna say, "Well, I look forward to seeing the stick figure he painted. Heh heh heh." [They both laugh.] But, I hope they, they take it in the spirit in which these were painted in, that was, ahh, the spirit of friendship and, ahh, that, uh, you know, I admire them as leaders, and was willing to give it a shot, in terms of getting people to see how I felt about 'em.

Cut back to the Today studio where the hosts ooh and ahh over the "good tease," as Lauer describes it.
I just can't fucking even.

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