[Content Note: Misogyny.]

This is an actual headline of an actual article posted on the website for the conservative rag the Washington Examiner:

screen cap of a headline at the Washington Examiner website, reading: 'Short on accomplishments, Hillary leans on Bill and Barack to sell candidacy.'

Everything about that is amazing. I love how it's filed under "Topics: Barack Obama," and I love how there's a link to a story about "the next feminist outrage" (which is dry cleaning bills, in case you were wondering), and I love the idea that massive frontrunner Hillary Clinton has to "sell" her candidacy, and I love most of all the suggestion that Hillary Clinton is "short on accomplishments."

Because if there's one thing about Hillary Clinton on which everyone can agree, it's that she's short on accomplishments.

Not that I'm keen to give advice to conservatives, but this is not how you appeal to women. Not even conservative women. There are a hell of a lot of conservative women who have begrudging (or not begrudging) respect for Hillary Clinton, and, even if they wouldn't vote for her, won't like seeing her dismissed as an unaccomplished person.

The assertion is so absurd that it's a fucking joke. But it's the kind of fucking joke that alienates women.

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