Here Is Just a Great Video of President Obama Getting Creeped Out by a Soccer-Playing Robot

President Obama is on an official state visit to Japan, where he visited the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Toyko. There, he was treated to a demonstration of ASIMO, Honda's humanoid robot, who said hello and kicked a soccer ball. Afterward, the President said: "I have to say that the robots were a little scary; they were too lifelike. They were amazing." I can't say I blame him. Traveling through the Uncanny Valley to the Singularity was probably not on his travel itinerary.

President Obama walks into the museum, and shakes hands with and says hello to a Japanese man and a Japanese woman who are waiting to greet him.

Cut to video of the small white robot running quickly across the demonstration floor. Offscreen, President Obama can be heard exclaiming, "Oh! Wow! He's movin'!"

Cut to video of the President smiling while the robot tells him, "I can kick a soccer ball, too."

"Okay, come on," says the President. The robot aligns itself with a grey soccer ball in the middle of the demonstration floor. "Watch carefully, please," says one of the President's male Japanese chaperones, offscreen.

"Yeah, I'm watching," says the President.

"Real, real fast," says the chaperone.

"It's gonna be pretty hard, huh?" says the President, as the robot backs up and prepares to kick the ball. "If it hits me, it'll be terrible!" says the President, to laughter. "Okay, come on, I'm ready."

"Here I go," says the robot, then runs toward the ball and kicks it toward the President, who quickly blocks it.

"Hey, good job!" says the President. "Excellent!"

Cut to footage of the robot jumping up and down, then hopping on one foot. President Obama watches and gives a little laugh. The robot says, "I'm in training every day, so that someday in the future I can help people..." The video ends.

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