An Observation

[Content Note: Silencing; privilege.]

image of tweet authored by me reading: 'I am 99% likely to hate any article that starts with the premise: Have we gone too far...?'
True fact.

Have we gone too far with content notes? Have we gone too far with hashtag activism? Have we gone too far with criticizing satire? Have we gone too far with body acceptance? Have we gone too far with consent? Etc. etc. etc.

It's virtually never a serious question, but a rhetorical used to introduce the argument that we have definitely gone too far with whatever.

And that argument virtually always amounts to some concern trolling about slippery slopes, which is a thin veneer slapped over the contention that we've really gone too far giving credibility to voices who challenge us to expect more.

It's no coincidence those voices typically come from marginalized populations. Of which the person asking have we gone too far...? isn't typically a member.

Basically, this shit is just the more "sophisticated" version of "goddamn those people are hysterical."

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