The Make-Up Thread

By request, and tangential to the Fat Fashion threads, here is a thread to discuss all things make-up. This thread is for everyone who wears make-up, whether you wear make-up on a daily basis, or occasionally; whether you are an expert at applying make-up, or stink at it; whether you are obliged to wear make-up for any reason, or like to wear it; whether you want to recommend make-up that you love, or seek recommendations; whether you are male or female or genderqueer. If you wear (or want to wear) make-up, have at it!

Please keep this thread judgment-free, remembering that there are people for whom wearing make-up is not a choice, for whom it is an issue of personal safety or job security; that there are people who enjoy wearing make-up, and it is not the choice to wear make-up that is the problem, but the fact that for so many people there isn't a choice. Let us not misdirect criticism of a system at individuals who make choices within that system.

I spend most of my life make-up free, but I occasionally like to wear make-up, if I'm going out on the town. (And I say "out on the town" because I am fully 200 years old.) I am very fortunate that virtually no one in my life—not my family, not my spouse, not my friends, not my employers—have ever obliged me or pressured me to wear make-up. The only time I feel like I have to wear make-up is while accessing medical care or getting a haircut, or in other situations where I feel like I need to overcome stereotypes about fat people not caring about ourselves.

As a result of rarely wearing make-up, I am pretty terrible at applying it, lol. Especially eyeliner. Forget it. Eyeliner is never going to happen for me!

Also due to my sporadic make-up endeavors, I don't have much in the way of recommendations, although I will say that I love my Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow palette with the fiery passion of ten thousand suns. I got it on sale (do you detect a pattern?!) and I use it so rarely that it will probably last forever, and I HOPE IT WILL BECAUSE IT IS THE BEST.

image of a Naked Palette of eyeshadow in browns and greys, by Urban Decay

Your turn!

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