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If you can afford to donate, former Shakerville contributor and longtime Shaker CaitieCat could use some help bridging the four-month (!) disability application process.

[Content Note: Body shaming; hostility to consent] Recently, some asshole went to a Magic the Gathering tournament and took pictures of himself next to players' exposed asscracks. Here are two responses to that fuckery: Dan's "The Crack Seen Round the World" and Kate's "About those Magic Buttcracks."

BYP: Attorney General Eric Holder Pushes for Lower Sentences for Drug Offenses

Bina: [CN: Misogyny; rape culture] A Few Words on "Child Marriage"

David: [CN: Homophobia; domestic violence; racism] There's a Reason We Protect Teachers

Trudy: [CN: Sexual entitlement; rape culture] There Is No "Friend Zone"

sheridf: [CN: Class warfare; racism; misogyny] Angels and Ghosts

Sean: Happy Pi Day!

Heads-up, Game of Thronesies! Via Dan Solomon and Jessica Luther, this track by Dominik Omega, "Arya's Prayer," inspired by the character of Arya from Game of Thrones and sung from her perspective, is quite genuinely one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard. All the tears forever. I love it so much.

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