Quote of the Day

[Content Note: Rape culture; purity culture; Christian Supremacy. There are descriptions of sexual assault and references to self-harm at the link.]

"[T]hese extremely strict morality codes...actively prevent the administration from seeing a victim's situation clearly. Because the administration is more committed to enforcing the honor code than they are to helping victims, they are incapable of giving a victim the protection he or she needs to come forward about their assault. This is also compounded by their need to make sure that their reputation as a 'safe' place for fundamentalist parents to send their children remains intact, regardless of whose lives they might destroy. At these colleges, students are terrified of explaining to someone—anyone, including the police—what they are going through because the risk of being expelled is constantly hanging over their head."—Samantha Field, in a highly recommended piece on the honor codes at fundamentalist Christian universities and how they are used to revictimize survivors of sexual violence.

[H/T to Shaker CZEdwards. Related Reading: On Surviving and Sex Ed; Elizabeth Smart on the Consequences of Abstinence-Only Sex Ed.]

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