So, I had a doctor's appointment this morning, and it was a student nurse tech training day, so there were five kids in the exam room every time a nurse came in.

The doctor is already not a fun place for me for reasons, and because I didn't want to make the kids feel awkward, I felt obliged to project TOTES COOL with everything, even though I was really like HOLY SHIT GET ME OUT OF HERE.

"Ha ha um you are jabbing the underside of my tongue with the digital thermometer because you're trying to take my blood pressure at the same time whooooops I will just hold this and you might want to tighten that blood pressure cuff which is sliding down my arm and WHY THE FUCK AM I SUPERVISING THIS INSTEAD OF A NURSE?"

It was a regular check-up. I'm glad was not there for something serious.

I know the clinic is busy. And I know they need to learn. And I am, really, happy to accommodate that if I'm given meaningful consent (which "You don't mind if the students come in with me, right, OKAY GOOD WE'RE ALL COMING IN NOW BEFORE YOU EVEN HAD A CHANCE TO ANSWER!" does not constitute) and if students are properly supervised. But yikes.

Anyway. I'm fine. Wevs. Here is a thread to complain about wacky healthcare experiences. Have at it!

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