The Wednesday Blogaround

This blogaround brought to you by sunshine.

Recommended Reading:

Aaminah: [Content Note: Racism; bullying] Toxicity: The True Story of Mainstream Feminism's Violent Gatekeepers

Shereen: [CN: Guns; misogynoir; classism] "Self-Defense" for Whom? The Not-So-Curious Case of Marissa Alexander

Andy: [CN: Homophobia] Michael Sam Zings Homophobic Lobbyist with Plan to Ban Gays from the NFL

BYP: Chicago's Goodman Theater to Honor Trayvon Martin with 10 Short Plays

Jill: [Video] Things Get Predictably Destroyed in the New Godzilla Trailer

One of the things I love about Trudy's blog Gradient Lair is that she regularly features images of black women whose style she loves. And one of the things I love about Trudy is that she includes fat women. Hers is a space in which I always feel safe. (P.S. I want that entire outfit!)

As you might have seen in yesterday's Open Thread, Flavia Dzodan, whom I admire a great deal and like with abundance, has disclosed that she has cancer. In typical fashion, she writes powerfully and beautifully about it here.

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