I Would've Told You This for Free

But surveyors of the manifestly obvious gotta eat, too:
Surveys commissioned by the Vatican [ahead of a major meeting of bishops that Pope Francis has called for October to discuss the family] have shown that the vast majority of Catholics in Germany and Switzerland reject church teaching on contraception, sexual morality, gay unions and divorce.

[The results] were surprising in the near-uniformity of responses: that the church's teachings on sexuality, morality and marriage are rejected as unrealistic and outdated by the vast majority of Catholics who nevertheless are active in parish life and consider their faith vitally important.
Surprising to whom? Has Pope Francis ever met any Catholics? J/K!
Despite the findings, moral theologians warned that church doctrine won't change.
Ha ha of course not.

I mean, that's the problem with asserting that your doctrine FOR SURE is 100% the absolute and immutable Will of God. You can't just go changing it willy-nilly when it turns out that the Will of God is kinda shitty.

But church doctrine changes with the culture, just as everything else. Eventually.

(This? Right here? Is why we always ask commenters to be careful to make distinctions between Catholic church leadership and "Catholics" generally. They are, broadly, not on the same page around these issues and haven't been for quite some time.)

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