The Friday Blogaround

This blogaround brought to you by spoons.

Recommended Reading:

Veronica: [Content Note: White supremacy] The Color of Toxicity

Jeremy: [CN: Homophobia] Indiana Marriage Equality Opponents Essentially Admitting That Tide Is Turning Against Them

Mannion: [CN: Misogyny; racism; class warfare] A Woman's Place is in the Classroom, as Long as She Doesn't Expect to Make an Actual Career out of It

Following are three pieces that are all related and essential reading on the media coverage of Wendy Davis' Texas gubernatorial campaign:

Jess: About How Wayne Slater Wrote about the Custody of Wendy Davis' Daughter

Jess: My Response to the Response from the Editor of the Dallas Morning News

Andrea: Whose Discourse? Our Discourse!

And here are a few links that contain videos (if anyone can locate transcripts for these, I would be so grateful if you dropped a link in comments):

Jamilah: Janet Mock Talks about Sex Work in New Book Redefining Realness

Andy: Laverne Cox Speech on Trans Struggles in America Brings the House Down

Digby: Elizabeth Warren Is Madder Than Hell

Leave your links and recommendations in comments...

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