Simmons' Apology by the Numbers

[Content Note: Transphobia; cis-centrism; hostility to consent. Background: Part One; Part Two; Part Three.]

In my post about Grantland editor Bill Simmons' "apology" for Caleb Hannan's reprehensible article about Dr. V, I noted:
If there's a single observation that can encapsulate what's wrong with Simmons' piece, perhaps it is this: Twice—twice—he says he regrets that Grantland's editorial team failed the writer, Caleb Hannan. "For us, 31-year-old Caleb Hannan had (and has) a chance to be one of those writers. That's why it hurts so much that we failed him." and "As for Caleb, I continue to be disappointed that we failed him." In 2,700 words, Simmons find space to say twice that he is upset by having failed his writer, but cannot find space to express even once his regret at having failed Dr. V.
In the post by Aoifeschatology I linked as recommended reading, Aoife noted:
Sorry, as an expressive term of direct remorse, happens only once. To Caleb Hannan, the author of the piece that initiated all of this posthumous reconsideration.
Today, over at Skepchick, Heina runs the numbers:
Uses of the Word "Mistake:" 15
Uses of the Word "Mistake" in Reference to Actions on the Part of Grantland Writers & Editors: 14
Uses of the Word "Mistake" in Reference to the Actions of the Outraged: 1

...Instances of "Apolog[y/ize]:" 3
Instances of "Sorry": 1
Instances of the Word "Sorry" Directed at Anyone But Caleb Hannan: 0
There's much more at the link.

[H/T to Erica Barnett.]

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