Meanwhile, at the Indiana State House...

[Content Note: Homophobia.]

After already pulling a bunch of bullshit shenanigans to get HRJ-3 to a vote on the House floor, now the Republican-majority Indiana House has moved it to the end of the docket, while opponents sit and wait out the debate. Since it'll take them a few more hours to get to the vote on their garbage nightmare legislation, they've decided to send out for pizzas.

My contempt for this homophobic, self-indulgent, sanctimonious shit cannot be measured on a scale fathomable by human intellect.

UPDATE: The House voted to strike the second sentence of the proposed amendment, which banned civil unions. Since it has been amended, I'm pretty sure that means it cannot go on this year's ballot. OMG. There is lots of cheering at the State House right now.

UPDATE 2: YES! CONFIRMED! Via Freedom Indiana: "The House just approved an amendment to HJR-3 that strips the anti-freedom amendment of the second sentence, which would ban all protections for gay & lesbian families. Even if the Senate approves this version of the bill, because it was amended, it would still have to pass in the 2015 or 2016 legislative session before reaching the ballot."


UPDATE 3: So, here's the deal, for everyone unfamiliar with our zany legislative process: The proposed amendment has to pass two state congressional sessions unamended before it can be put on a ballot for a vote. Because they struck the second sentence, that constitutes a change which resets the clock, meaning it will definitely not be on the ballot this November.

But they are still going to vote on HJR-3 today. If it passes both the House and then the Senate in its amended form, then the proposed amendment to define marriage as between two different-sex people could be put up for a vote next year (if it passes the next legislative session). If it fails today (or in the Senate), then the soonest it could conceivably make the ballot is 2016.

By which time, hopefully there will be absolutely no question about the lack of public support for this shit.

So now we just wait to see how long we've got before we potentially have to fight this again. But, in either case, whether it passes the House vote today or not, unless I'm mistaken, IT'S NOT GOING ON THE BALLOT THIS NOVEMBER.


UPDATE 4: If it does pass the House, then we will move to petitioning our State Senators to oppose it. Because if they fail to pass it, that also will set the clock back two years. There is more work to be done to make sure this thing never gets to the ballot EVER.

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