House Vote on HJR-3 Today

[Content Note: Homophobia]

Today, the Indiana state House will vote on HJR-3, and the vote will determine whether codifying discrimination into the state constitution will be put up for a vote on November's ballot.

If you are in Indiana, please take a moment to contact your representatives one last time and urge them to vote against this legislation. It's going to be a very close vote.

I just wrote letters (again) to my representatives pleading with them not to vote for HJR-3, and not to let whether discrimination is encoded into our state constitution be determined by mob rule. I begged them not to let marginalized people's rights be dependent on whether privileged people choose decency over the maintenance of undeserved privilege.

screen cap of tweet by Freedom Indiana featuring a photo of people preparing to protest at the State House and text reading: 'We're at the Statehouse, ready to make history and urge our lawmakers to vote NO on HJR3!'

I hope our legislators are listening.

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