This is a very strange story.

[Content Note: Sex abuse.]

Breaking into people's homes and stealing from them is a terrible thing to do, but if you happen to steal videotapes of sex abuse, then turning them into the cops is the right thing to do:
A soccer-coach has been arrested in Spain after a thief broke into his house and stole videotapes containing incriminating footage of child sex abuse, Spanish police said.

The thief must have realized what he had taken some days after the break-in and called authorities anonymously from a pay phone to say he had evidence of the alleged crimes, police in the southern city of Jaén said in a statement on Thursday.

The allegedly thief left the three videotapes -- which according to police contain footage of the suspect abusing children around 10 years old -- in a brown envelope under a car in the street.

The envelope included an anonymous note with the coach's address and a short message that read: "I've had the misfortune of having the tapes fall into my hands, and feel obligated to present them to you so you can do your job and put him ... in jail for life."
The coach, who investigators allege leveraged his position to groom his victims, has been arrested. He reported the burglary nine days before his arrest, but failed to mention to police "the camera or videotapes which allegedly contained the incriminating footage."

I hope his arrest will eventually yield justice for his victims, and bring them safety and peace.

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