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[Content Note: Fat hatred; harassment.]

"I shouldn't have to prove my worth. We are all valid creatures. All of us."—Kath Read, aka Fat Heffalump, whose work will be familiar to anyone who regularly reads the blogarounds, because I love her so much, quoted in a powerful article about the personal cost of being a visible fat female blogger with the radical opinion that she is a valuable human being.

Kath has some follow-up thoughts on the article here.

Talking about one's harassment as a result of being fat and female and visible is, I cannot emphasize this enough, profoundly brave. Not only do you get the expected blowback from the usual fat-hating bozos, but you get blowback from people purporting to be allies who tell you that talking about harassment makes you look weak, or accuse you of "complaining," or engage in victim-blaming with concern-trolly admonishments to be less visible or less abrasive or less you in some way.

I am not just grateful to Kath for publicly talking about this; I stand in fierce solidarity with her.

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