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Here is some stuff in the news today!

It's been one year since same-sex marriage became legal in Washington state, and now 1 out of 6 new marriages are between same-sex couples. In other news, society has not crumbled!

[Content Note: Racism; appropriation] Rick Santorum is the worst, so naturally he appeared on The O'Reilly Factor last night to "memorialize the passing of South African leader and global visionary Nelson Mandela by equating Obamacare with apartheid." Because of course he did.

[CN: Rape culture] Jameis Winston, the leading candidate to win the Heisman Trophy, will not be charged with sexual assault after rape allegations one year ago. Tallahassee state prosecutor Willie Meggs stressed that the decision was not driven "by any Heisman demands or football schedule," in case you were wondering whether Winston being cleared days before Heisman ballots are due was kinda fishy. Nope—just a big coincidence!

[CN: Racism; class warfare] The Federal Housing Finance Agency has threatened to take legal action against and/or deny credit to communities that try to use eminent domain to modify mortgages for underwater homeowners whose communities aren't experiencing the housing recovery beginning in other places. And, "because communities of color were especially targeted for predatory loans during the subprime boom," the FHFA is siding with the very predatory lenders who exploited these communities in the first place.

President Obama says he thinks both Vice President Joe Biden and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would be "outstanding" presidents. Such a shocker! Why the hell would the media even ask the least confrontational president in US history to publicly pick sides? LOL. Never gonna happen. What a waste of air.

[CN: Eating; class warfare] The cost of eating fresh, unprocessed foods is about $2,000 more annually for an average family in a wealthy nation. Remember that next time some sanctimonious shit is going on about how healthful eating isn't a privilege and anyone can do it blah blah fart.

Photographer Shannon Johnstone saves the lives of unwanted dogs with her camera. Blub.

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