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Here is some stuff in the news today!

Another big winter storm is making its way across the US: "An enormous, brutal mass of arctic air is shoving south over most of the United States—threatening 32 million people for the rest of the week with snow, ice, wind and extraordinary drops in the temperature. ... 'This cold air is going to overtake just about the entire country,' said Carl Parker, a meteorologist for The Weather Channel."

[Content Note: Christian Supremacy] Terrific: Notre Dame, a Catholic university in Indiana, has "filed another lawsuit opposing portions of the federal health care overhaul that forces it to provide health insurance for students and employees that includes birth control, saying it contravenes the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church."

This quote from a ProPublica article about GOP strategist Karl Rove's Americans for Tax Reform's tax problems is amazing: "[A]fter consulting with tax experts, ProPublica determined Americans for Tax Reform couldn't have used resources from 2011 for the political spending. 'That's called bullshit with a serving of horseshit on the side,' [Marcus Owens, the former head of the IRS' Exempt Organizations division] said." Awesome. Totally awesome.

The GOP is fixing to try to impeach President Obama. Yawn. But they're resisting using "the i-word." Double yawn.

This is hopeful: "A majority of Americans believe the US plays a less important and powerful role in the world than it did 10 years ago, according to a long-running study that found that most people now believe America should 'mind its own business internationally.' It is the first time the survey of US foreign policy attitudes has recorded such a sentiment in almost four decades of polling."

[CN: Class warfare] A Dozen Facts about America's Struggling Lower-Middle Class, care of the Hamilton Project.

Cecilia Abadie, one of the "explorers" who received a tester Google Glass, "pleaded not guilty Tuesday to what is believed to be the first traffic citation" resulting from use of the device. The citation is "usually given to people driving while a video or TV screen is on in the front of their vehicle."

House of Cards returns to Netflix on Valentine's Day!

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