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Here is some stuff in the news today!

The NSA is using Google cookies to pinpoint targets for hacking, because of course they are.

In their continuing bid to remain a viable party without actually changing any of their disastrous garbage policies, the GOP leadership is "quietly advancing a new batch of rules aimed at streamlining a chaotic presidential nominating process that many party insiders viewed as damaging to the their campaign for the White House in 2012." Basically, they're trying to deny you the glory that is my Primarily Speaking series. Can you even imagine they'd ever be THAT TERRIBLE?!

[Content Note: Class warfare] David Cay Johnston on whether service work today is worse than being a household servant: "Many service jobs used to be performed in homes of the wealthy, with better benefits." This is a fascinating piece, about a terrible subject. He's great at teasing out this kind of stuff.

[CN: Rape culture] Jessica Luther continues her excellent coverage of the Jameis Winston sexual assault case.

[CN: Homophobia] This is awful news: "[A]n unexpected supreme court decision revers[ed] a previous judgment that had decriminalised gay sex in the country. The decision means same-sex relations in India are once again subject to a 153-year-old law, passed under British rule, which defines them as 'unnatural' and punishable by a potential 10-year jail sentence. ...Activists had expected the supreme court simply to rubber-stamp the earlier ruling. The institution is known for its broadly progressive judgments, which often order politicians or officials to respect the rights of the poor, disadvantaged or marginalised communities. 'It's a tremendous blow. It's unprecedented for a court with a long history of expanding rights to reduce dignity not protect it,' said Gautham Bhan, a prominent activist."

Here is just a terrific picture of George W. Bush showing Hillary Clinton his paintings, and of Hillary Clinton politely trying to look interested in George W. Bush's paintings.

After Sacha Baron Cohen (thankfully) dropped out of the planned Freddie Mercury biopic, the search was on for a new Freddie—and looks like it's going to be Ben Whishaw. I think the only thing in which I've seen him is Bright Star, where he played John Keats. He was pretty good!

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