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Here is some stuff in the news today!

One of the biggest secondary news stories from Nelson Mandela's memorial service is President Obama shaking hands with Cuban President Raul Castro. Depending on whom you ask, this is either a show of good will, or the evil machinations of the most dastardly scoundrel on the entire planet. You be the judge!

In related news, CBS played Toto's "Africa" over a montage of footage from Mandela's funeral, because of course they did.

The food stamp deal emerging in Congress will mean no one gets kicked off, but will also include cuts to the program. A program which is already incredibly stingy in the help it provides to its recipients.

[Content Note: Sexual harassment and assault] Former Democratic San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, who sexually harassed and assaulted multiple women, pleaded guilty to a felony charge of false imprisonment and two charges of misdemeanor battery, and has subsequently been sentenced to 90 days of home confinement with no jail time. That seems insufficient.

[CN: Violence; guns] On a grim anniversary, Newtown requests they not be exploited: "Newtown officials asked for privacy and joined victims' families Monday in calling for people to mark the upcoming anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting by performing acts of kindness or volunteering with charities. ...The town has no formal events planned for Saturday, and officials have discouraged the news media from coming to Newtown. 'We are trying to respect the world's interest in us, but we also have a real need in our community to gain a foothold,' First Selectman Pat Llodra said."

[CN: Violence] In what feels like very related news, "new research suggests that PTSD might indeed be transmitted over the airwaves. ...The authors of the study, all from University of California, Irvine, suggested that 24/7 media coverage of traumatic events may exacerbate stress reactions among those who are already vulnerable to post-traumatic stress disorder by virtue of a past history of mental illness or past experience of traumas. Intensive viewing of such media coverage could not only sustain trauma reactions after they should begin to abate; it could 'unintentionally spread negative impacts beyond the directly exposed area,' they warned."

[CN: Misogyny; body shaming] Lululemon co-founder Chip Wilson has resigned, following comments he made about how "some women's bodies just don't actually work" for Lululemon's yoga pants.

Adam Sandler tops Forbes' 2013 list of overpaid actors. "We estimate that for every dollar Sandler was paid on his last three movies, the films returned an average of $3.40." I can't even believe it's that much.

Bad-ass mountain goats save themselves from an avalanche in the French Alps. The thing I love most about this video is how all the people watching are rooting for them! YAY!

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