What is Glenn Beck even talking about?

Via Kyle at Right Wing Watch:

Glenn Beck, Professional Expert on Everything and Genius: I mean, this whole organic thing is bullcrap. Because there's no—you can slap "organic" on anything. It doesn't mean anything. So, there—so the, the, um, progressives will say, "I know! That's why we need regulation!" NOOOO. NOOOO. That's why we need to be honorable people. That's why, if you really want that, you go and you find somebody that you trust. You got to people, and, even if it's Whole Foods, and you have to trust that they're being honorable and they're looking, you know, for the right foods and they'll tell you what it is. Let them, let the market sort it out. Let the market say, "This is our standard for organic; this is what we mean by organic." You do your own homework!

I know even Glenn Beck isn't daft enough that he meant let the literal market, i.e. the grocery store, sort it out, but it is amusing me to no end that it appears that's what he was saying.

Not that what he was actually saying is actually any smarter.

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