The Wednesday Blogaround

This blogaround brought to you by whiskers.

Recommended Reading:

Von: [Content Note: Exploitation; racism; misogyny; class warfare] Retailers Turn Thanksgiving into Black Thursday [Infographic]

Emelia: [CN: Racism; misogyny; body policing] A "Bad Hair" Day

Maria: [CN: War on agency] I Have a Question!

Jon: Memo to Media: Employers Have Been Slashing Insurance, Shifting Costs for Years

Christopher: [CN: Exploitation] On Penny Arcade, Exploitation, and the Myth of the Do-Everything Rock Star

BYP: [CN: Guns] Police Find Multiple Guns, Lots of Ammo at Zimmerman's Home

Mindy: [CN: Fat hatred; body policing; misogyny] A Little More Research Wouldn't Have Hurt

Christian: [CN: Homophobia; slurs] Scottish Football Ref Expelled for Speaking Out on Homophobic Abuse

Finally: My thanks to Andrea and Tami at Squeezed Between Feminisms for including me on their "The Feminist New Crew" list. Also: I am recommending it because I hope you will go check out all the amazing feminists, womanists, and other gender equality warriors whom they've included in their compilation.

Leave your links and recommendations in comments...

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