The Wednesday Blogaround

This blogaround brought to you by soup.

Recommended Reading:

Debbie: [CN: Racism; appropriation] Beyond the So-Called First Thanksgiving: 5 Children's Books That Set the Record Straight

Anita: [Content Note: Misogyny] Ms. Male Character: Tropes vs Women

Michelle: [CN: Fat hatred; diet talk] Why Diets Don't Work

Crunkista: [CN: Racism] Fuck Sears, or When Mall Cops Attack

Flavia: [CN: Rape culture; racism] An Observation about Rape Culture and Our Racial Histories

Lyndsay: [CN: Discussion of intimate partner violence] "Strong Women" Can Still Experience Violence

Von: [CN: Homophobia; transphobia; racism; misogyny] Why ENDA Is an Urgent Issue for People of Color

BYP: [CN: Racism; police harassment] Stop-and-Frisk Numbers Sharply Decline in NYC

Echidne: [CN: Othering; sexism] Mystery Humans Spiced Up Ancients' Rampant Sex Lives

Andy: Scotland to Take First Vote on Marriage Equality Today

Ana: Quote of the Day: Symbols and Communication

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