The Wednesday Blogaround

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Recommended Reading:

Theresa: Ways You Can Find and Help Fam in the Wake of Typhoon Haiyan

Imani: [Content Note: Racist appropriation; anti-choice fuckery] Abortion Is Not Like Slavery, So Stop Comparing the Two

Sy: [CN: Disablism] Congress Votes to End the Outdated Ban on HIV Organ Transplants and Research

Andy: [CN: Transphobia] Inclusive Locker Rooms are Like Hooters for Transgender Kids, Says Bill O'Reilly

Jamilah: [CN: Homphobia; abuse] Angel Haze Talks Surviving Sexual Abuse, Coming Out, and the Church

Chloe: [CN: Racism; misogyny] I Wonder Why the GOP Is Blocking These Nominees

Noah: [CN: Misogyny; racism] What Joss Whedon Gets Wrong About the Word 'Feminist'

Atrios: It's Always So

Miss Cellania: Oscar the Grouch vs. Grumpy Cat

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