So, This Exists

[Content Note: Sexism; heterocentrism.]

Actual Headline: More men tackling turkey at Thanksgiving.

Actual Lede: "Brining, deep-frying, slow cooking: This Thanksgiving, a growing number of men will be doing more than gobbling turkey — they'll be cooking it, and they're not afraid to experiment. And if the results skew more mad-scientist than Martha Stewart, the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line will be there to help them."

Here's some more of this delightful article about how women should immediately start baking ALL THE COOKIES for men in time for Thanksgiving:
An increase in sharing cooking responsibilities within families and a trend toward culinary experimentation, along with the logistics of getting a bevy of side dishes cooked, has prompted more families to boot the bird out of the oven and into grills or deep-fryers, which are traditionally male-dominated cooking methods.
"A lot of guys will roast or grill the Thanksgiving turkey," said Mike Kempster, chief marketing officer of Weber-Stephen Products. ..."When we hear this in focus groups, guys say, 'Well, it's kind of a way to give back to my family or take some of the workload off my spouse at Thanksgiving,'" Kempster said.
"If you look at what's going on in our society, traditional gender boundaries are becoming really blurry," said [David Obelcz, a marketing manager in Washington state], 45. "I think this is just a logical evolution of what's going on in our society."
Carlos Faxas, [a] 31-year-old e-commerce manager for United Airlines in Illinois, brines and roasts his family's Thanksgiving turkey, and one year he experimented with deep-frying.

"I think it's more socially acceptable now and it's sort of impressive," he said of men tackling the turkey.
There is a lot to say about this garbage, and I will let you say ALL OF THE THINGS in comments. I shall simply observe that an article about women who cook (boring old traditional) turkeys for their families would not be likely to include the women's professions as key identifiers. It would be more like, "Sally Smith, a working mother of 2," or "Melissa McEwan, whose unused uterus makes us wonder why she would even bother cooking a turkey."

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