Kate and Liss Have a Terrific Email Conversation about a Romney Cookbook

[Content Note: Classism; appropriation; food insecurity.]

Eastsidekate: Did you happen to see this story on Ann Romney's super awesome family cookbook?

Liss: No, I didn't! You are a Thanksgiving angel (those are definitely a thing, right?) for sending me this amazing link.

Eastsidekate: There's all sorts of horrible things going on (no small bit of making fun of the Romneys for eating the food that poor people from unhip places eat), but: Whose idea was it to publish this cookbook, and how the hell did it become a best seller? I mean, a recipe for how to boil potatoes?

Liss: "The Romney Family Table hails from the tradition of community cookbooks that women have been cobbling together for centuries as a way of handing down family recipes." WHY DO YOU HATE AMERICA?

Eastsidekate: Also: Can I call bullshit? I mean, it's plausible that the Romneys regularly eat whatever this kind of white bread cuisine is called, but the whole cookbook strikes me as an extremely condescending attempt to fit in with other gender-normative earth Humans. LOOK I MADE MY MAN A CAKE OUT OF A CAKE MIX LIKE ALL OF YOU OTHER POOR PEOPLE DO. Bull. Shit.

Liss: Welp, the one thing we know for sure is that the Romneys believe that the Romneys are entitled to food.

Eastsidekate: Zing!

Liss: Zing is the secret ingredient in all my recipes.

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