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Here is some stuff in the news today!

Breaking News: " won't be perfect on Dec. 1, administration says."

More Breaking News: "Among American workers, poll finds unprecedented anxiety about jobs, economy."

[Content Note: Racism] Post-Racial America: "Four San Jose State University students have been charged with misdemeanor hate-crime and battery for committing hate crimes against their 17 year-old black roommate."

[CN: Guns; violence] Seven people were shot in a single incident in Oakland last night. No one died, thankfully, but two of the seven wounded men are in critical condition. This has barely made a blip in the news.

Same-sex couples are crossing the border from Oregon to Washington to get legally married. DOMA is (mostly) dead, but there is still no requirement for states to recognize same-sex couples legally married in another state, even though every state recognizes different-sex couple marriages performed in other states that don't meet their requirements. The double-standard is alive and well.

In Canada: "Liberal candidate Chrystia Freeland cruised to victory in the Toronto Centre by-election Monday, handily defeating NDP candidate Linda McQuaig. Ms. Freeland will immediately enter the House of Commons with an important role in Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau's caucus. She has already been named co-chair of his council of economic advisers and is expected to become a prominent voice among Liberal MPs."

Scandal creator Shonda Rimes is writing a memoir! Neat!

Angelina Jolie supposedly bought Brad Pitt a heart-shaped island for his birthday. That makes me so mad, because I was saving up to buy Iain that heart-shaped island for his birthday one million years from now!

[CN: Animal cruelty] "She'll be fine, she'll be fine with me."—Crane operator Jason O'Donnell, who rescued a dog from a creek after spotting her on the job. He is now in the process of adopting her. Blub.

[CN: Danger; destruction] Courtney Smith is so grateful after being reunited with her cat whom she thought had been lost in last week's Chicagoland tornadoes. Blub.

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