Assvertising, Part Wev

Video Description: A young white man sprays with a garden hose a GIANT white baby sitting in his driveway. Cut to the man walking across a grocery store parking lot and dropping his bags to run across the lot and stop a cart from running into the giant baby sitting in a parking space. Cut to the man opening his garage door to say good morning to the giant baby. A woman's voice says in voiceover: "In the nation, we know how you feel about your car. So when coverage really counts—" Cut to the giant baby crying next to a spraying fire hydrant while the man looks on with angst. "—count on Nationwide Insurance." The baby then turns into a blue muscle car which has hit the hydrant and has a crumpled hood. "Because what's precious to you is precious to us. Just another way we put members first." Cut to the man at a car repair shop, where the car is now a giant baby again, playing with a tire. "Because we don't have shareholders. Join the nation." Cut to info for Nationwide Insurance.

* * *

I hate this commercial. I don't have any insightful commentary about why I hate it, lol. I just HATE IT SO MUCH. And I bet some other people hate it, too, so let's talk about how much we hate it!

Or tell me why you love it! Or have no feelings about it at all!

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