Wonder Woman Fan Trailer and Movie Thread

[CN: Violence, gun violence]

So, Rainfall Films has posed their own conceptual trailer for a theoretical Wonder Woman film. It is less about a storyline than about the look and feel of a Wonder Woman film. What do you think, Shakers?

[Video Description:Scene of a city street with ashes floating through the air; a sign burns. Men dressed in black with large meacing guns walk the street. In the background buildings burn. A female figure approaches them in a fur-lined robe; the men raise their guns. She throws back the robe to reveal--Wonder Woman, in a version of her costume that includes a handkerchief-hemmed Greco-Roman type dark blue leather battle kilt and large, bracer-type bracelets. She leaps into the air as the men fire at her. Deflecting their bullets, she punches them and throws them around, The scene shifts to Paradise Island/Themiscyra, where she stands with several other women, all wearing white chiton-type dresses, in what looks like a classical city. The Amazons approach the coastline, watching large, cyclops-like giants wading in towards their island from the sea. One of the Amazons tosses Wonder Woman a spear. Back to the city; a gunman tries to fire at WW from close range; she evades the bullet and fights off two gunmen. She turns to face the final gunman, wearing a black balaclava, and shakes her head slightly. The scene shifts back to Paradise Island. WW hurls the spear, hitting one of the menacing giants. Flash to the city as the gunman fires. Flash to Paradise Island: the Amazons cheer as the giant staggers back, hit by Wonder Woman's spear. Flash to the city as the gunman lowers his weapon. Wonder Woman turns her face to the sky; the camera pulls back to show her ascending. End. Credits.]

Personally, while this is not my Wonder Woman film, there are several things I like. I like including a sense of WW's cosmic battles. I like portraying WW as less violent, as more interested in neutralizing her opponents than "finishing them off." I like the costume's basics, even if I quibble with its details. I'm less thrilled other things, such as the lack of diversity among the Amazons. Yet this still looks about 100% better than most of the horsepucky that's been floated by DC lately.

Is this something you would send to DC? Feel free to leave responses below.

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