This Is Shutdown

[Content Note: Class warfare; disablism.]

Me, on Twitter last night:

series of tweets authored by me reading: 1. Shutdown. This is what it's come to. 2. This is how much the GOP hates Obama: They are shutting down govt over a healthcare program that will make insurance companies even richer. 3. How do we shutdown the Republican Party? Jesus Jones, what a shitshow. 'Congress: Beyond Thunderdome' is not a platform.
series of tweets authored by me reading: 4. No, Republicans are not 'crazy,' 'insane,' or any variation thereof. They are coolly, rationally, calculatedly indecent. 5. Try to remember that this is about access to mental healthcare, too. Don't conflate vile, unethical assholes with people who are ill. 6. Unethical. Shameless. Cruel. Indecent. Harmful. Vile. Despicable. Gross. Reprehensible. Terrible. Contemptible. Not 'crazy.'
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I don't even know what else to say anymore. We are not been governed by people of good faith. And even the conversation about that is harmful. Grim stuff.

Please feel welcome and encouraged to discuss all aspects of the shutdown, including the tone of the national debate, how the shutdown will personally affect you, your fears, your anger, whatever.

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