This is a real thing in the world.

Brogurt, packaged to appeal to manfluencers.
It remains a mystery who, if anyone, identifies with the ups and downs of Jamie Lee Curtis' digestion—but it's probably not young men.
Aaaaaaaaaand I'm already annoyed, because Activia, though the potential benefits of probiotics are not female-specific, is a product that is explicitly marketed to women. The only reason anyone would care whether it's appealing to young men is because there is this expectation that every single purchasable and consumable item ever in the world has to be valued by young men to have any value. And because there is an expectation that women should and will buy something of use to them personally, even if the marketing is geared toward men, but that men will never, ever, buy something of use to them personally if its marketing is directed primarily at women.
Curtis' endorsement of Dannon's Activia yogurt is by no means the only female-geared marketing tactic to beset the dairy aisle, where pastel colors abound. But with more "manfluencers"—or, men "responsible for at least half of the grocery shopping and meal preparation for their households"—taking the reins of the grocery cart, the gender identity of food products is undergoing a major shift, according to a story in the Wall Street Journal.

Lu Ann Williams, who works for the marketing firm that coined the manfluencer term, tells the Journal that the grocery store shelves are littered with branding and packaging that undermines masculinity.

"A beer or soda in a long-necked, brown bottle makes a man feel like a man. Drinking out of a straw does not—puckered lips and sunken cheeks are not a good guy look," she says.

So how do you sell yogurt, which is inherently gender neutral, to men? Black labels, bold fonts, more protein. One new product, Powerful Yogurt, features the slogan "Find Your Inner Abs," which may be the meathead pitch for probiotics.
Just so we're all on the same page: A woman who is "responsible for at least half of the grocery shopping and meal preparation for their households" is just a woman doing her womanly duty as prescribed by nature. A man who does the same is a "manfluencer." Perfect.

Enjoy your brogurt, dudes.

[H/T to Shaker MMC.]

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