Shutdown Update

Republicans still terrible. Government still shut down.

On ABC's This Week with George Stephanopoulos yesterday, Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner "said the nation would default on its debt later this month if President Obama does not agree to GOP's demands to cut spending and change parts of the Affordable Care Act."

Meanwhile, on CBS's Face the Nation, Bob Schieffer, who's about the only journalist with a modicum of gumption left in the national media, challenged Republican Senate Minority Whip John Cornyn on his party's bullshit narrative:
SCHIEFFER: The law has been passed. Why not keep the government running and then everybody can sit down and decide what they want to do about it.

CORNYN: Well, there should be a negotiation, and this government would still be up and running in full if President…if Harry Reid had allowed Democrats to vote to eliminate the Congressional carve-out which treats them favorably under Obamacare and to treat average Americans the same way the President has decided to treat business with regard to Obamacare penalties.

SCHIEFFER: Senator, isn't there something wrong when you say I won't fund the government unless I can attach my personal wish list to the legislation every time we vote? I'd love to see the government find a cause, uh, cure for cancer, but I don't think you can say I'm not going to pass and pass any funds for the rest of the government until [the National Institutes of Health] finds a cure for cancer. I mean, isn't that just kind of the same thing here?
Meanwhile, while the Republicans hold the nation hostage ostensibly in order to save taxpayers money, the shutdown is costing at least $300 million every day.

Priorities. The GOP has them.

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