Shutdown Deal Thread

Yesterday, the U.S. Senate reached a compromise package regarding the shutdown which the House voted to accept, and Obama signed. So, the government is going back to work, until January 15 at least, and the government will be able to borrow, until February 7, at least. (As Liss noted yesterday, while this leaves the ACA basically intact, there were still some “compromises” that went along with the deal.) So, um, yay for the world’s economy not collapsing, even if the U.S. Republicans are still the Terrible Asshole Party?

A few items that caught my eye:

[CN: gender essentialism] It turns out that women Senators played a key role in getting this compromise worked out. John McCain even had nice things to say about them. Golly gee willikers, maybe we should get some more of those ladeeeez in government! (HAHAHAHAHA who am I kidding?)

Meanwhile, Chris Cilizza examines the idea that the Republicans are basically Batman villians now, as seen in Christopher Nolan’s movies. Perhaps they might consider going back to the Burgess Meredith and Caesar Romero days, instead, because at least those dudes were funny and horribly ineffectual and easy for Batman to thwart.

Speaking of supervillainy, have the GOP’s biggest shutdown fans learned a lesson from all of this? They certainly have! Only it is not the lesson that I would like them to have learned!

[CN: ableism] A House stenographer took to the microphone to shout about God and Freemasons during yesterday’s vote, and was taken away for psychiatric evaluation. This is being bandied about the news about with the usually hefty dose of ableism. If she is suffering from the effects of mental illness, I extend her my sympathy and wishes for improved health. I note, however, that the content of her reported remarks sounds pretty similar to things we might hear from conservative “commentators” on Fox News and right-wing radio, not to mention at Tea Party rallies, GOP "town meetings," from right-wing ministers and community leaders, etc. As if we needed any other reminder that “crazy” is a not a synonym for “right wing ideas” or “conservative assholery.”

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