How much cool stuff do you think can fit into Mitt Romney's hidden room? I bet it's a lot of cool stuff.

My BFF Mitt Romney is building a new mansion in Utah, because who can live without a fifth mansion these days, and it will be THE COOLEST HOUSE, because it has a secret room (at least, it was a secret until the Salt Lake Tribune went blabbing about it!):
The architectural drawings say it's for "office storage." It measures 11 feet long and is lined with cabinets. The "hidden door," as it's labeled on the documents, is masked as a bookshelf and swings into the study. There are no other details, and Romney's spokeswoman declined to comment.
Oh man! I need to hear some comments about this sweet secret room!

What is Mitt Romney going to store in there?! It's definitely not office stuff. Ha ha no way. What kind of loser builds a rad secret room just to shove it full of No. 10 envelopes and binder clips? Not a loser like Mitt Romney, that's for sure!

Here are my top ideas for what Mitt Romney will store in his secret room:

1. Rubies.
2. Detailed plans for his moon mansion, which has TWO secret rooms.
3. Just piles and piles of cash.
4. A domino set that once belonged to Ernest Borgnine. (Unauthenticated.)
5. 10,000 mint condition "Romney 4 Pres" buttons.
6. Giant bricks of gold.
7. Gold nuggets.
8. Gold-plated gold.
9. Framed photos of Paul Ryan.
10. His plushy Grumpy Cat collection.

image of Mitt Romney grinning, surrouded by plushy Grumpy Cats I have photoshopped into the picture

I feel you, bro. That cat is adorable.

Anyway! Those are just my best guesses. But what do YOU think Mitt Romney will store in his hidden room...?

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