An Observation

You know how every time progressive activists are fighting some huge legislative battle in a red state, like Texas, or Indiana, or North Carolina, as recent examples, and a bunch of smug fauxgressives who live in blue states tell us we should move? Well, I see a lot of those same people bitterly (and quite rightly) complaining about Congressional Republicans during this shutdown.

Well, hey—why don't y'all just move?

Is it, perhaps, because your life is in the United States? Do you have a job here, a home, friends, family? Would it be difficult for you to pick up your entire life and move to a different country? Does the mere suggestion make you think fuck you, the United States is my home and I'm not going to abandon it just because a bunch of asshole Republicans are trying to ruin it, or does it maybe even increase your resolve to stay and fight? Or would you love more than anything to move the fuck outta here to someplace better suited to your politics, but simply can't, for whatever combination of reasons?

Maybe think of that next time you get the urge to suggest to someone who lives in a red state that they just fucking move because their state legislature is full of conservative nightmares. And then STFU.

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