Wednesday Blogaround

This blogaround brought to you by onions.

Recommended Reading:

Mimi: Why I Love Epic Fantasy (And Hate Game of Thrones) [Content Note: The post at this link contains Game of Thrones spoilers and discussion of violence and oppression.]

Vik and Al: Obesity and the AMA, Part Two [Content Note: The post at this link contains discussion of fat bias and discrimination.]

Jess: The NCAA, Sports Media, Priorities, and Rape [Content Note: The post at this link includes discussion of cases of sexual violence in college sports.]

Rafi: Michele Bachmann Says God Will Save Us from Hillary Clinton [Content Note: The post at this link quotes Bachmann using violent metaphors against Clinton.]

Fannie: What are women tangibly supposed to do with this information? Circulate it widely and reap the resulting mansplainy, asshole hyper-defensive comments and accusations of man-hating? [Content Note: The post at this link includes discussion of misogyny and gender essentialism.]

Kyler: Toys R Us Agrees to End Gender-Biased Marketing Policy

Jamilah: Muslim Woman Wins Hijab Suit Against Abercrombie and Fitch

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