Promoting Women in STEM, 1946 Style

 photo wondyinscience1_zps2ff9980d.jpg

[Image Description: A number of white men in brown military uniforms sit around a table; at left, Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, a white woman with dark hair and wearing glasses, and dressed in a blue uniform, is objecting to to the presentation of an older white man in civilian clothes. Diana: "But Doctor, the atom bomb dissolvs any metal into gas--: Doctor: (cutting her off) "Not this metal -- this is stronger than the atom splitting! Naturally a woman can't understand!"]

 photo wondyinscience2_zps69ba300e.jpg

[Image Description: Close up on Diana and Steve Trevor, a blonde white man in a uniform. Diana: "A woman helped invent the atom bomb! Dr. Lise Meitner's mathematical figures showed how to split uranium atoms--" Steve: (whispering behind his hand, and also cutting her off):"Pipe down, Di--Novel's going to test his metal with a bomb."]

Guess who turns out to be right about the metal not actually withstanding an atomic blast? Did you guess Wonder Woman/Diana Prince? YOU ARE CORRECT! Guess who turns out to be the villain? Did you guess the mansplaining asshat doctor guy? YOU ARE CORRECT! (Also: Steve Trevor, you should know better! Get it together!)

In conclusion: Yay for ladybrainz and SCIENCE!

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