We're Taking a Little Break

image of a note tacked to a wall with a handwritten 'We'll be back soon...' on it

So, I need a break. Like, a total break. Not a "we'll still have open threads and they'll still be moderated and I'm still accountable for anything that goes sideways, so I'm never really on vacation" kind of a break, but a real break where I am really detached and really away. Because I am beyond burned out; I am utterly depleted of resources to keep going without some time away.

And the contributors and moderators, who volunteer their time to this community with a fierce and abundant generosity, could use a break, too.

So we are taking the next two weeks off.

I realize that this community is a central part of a lot of people's lives, and that shutting down completely means disconnection from daily support on which a lot of people rely, so I am genuinely sorry that my needing time to engage in some self-care causes a temporary disruption in the community. There is no good way to reconcile that.

All I can say is that getting my head out of this space—and all the attendant personal stuff it requires my navigating behind the scenes—for awhile is a good investment for this community in the long term.

Take care and see you soon.

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