OMG, I Think I Just Agreed With Cardinal Dolan

[CN: homophobia, sexism, religious oppression.]

Hey, remember that time (yesterday) when your social media feed was full of people celebrating that Pope Francis seems slightly less barfy than his predecessors regarding women and gay people?

Well don't worry folks! Shakesville fave, New York's Cardinal Timothy Dolan, explains that the Pope remains committed to homophobic doctrines. Whew! Thanks for clearing that up, Card!

And in a sure sign of the Apocalypse, I find myself in semi-agreement with Cardinal Dolan. Not the OH NOES GAYZ! part. The part about Francis' remarks not really changing anything about church teaching.

For the record, I am genuinely glad for anyone who feels encouraged or is made happy by Francis' remarks. It is not for me to police or define other people's reactions.

My own reaction was disappointment. He hasn't really changed anything. Sex outside marriage is still a sin. Same-sex marriage is still "impossible." So same-sex lovin' is still a highway to hell.

Also, yay women! But ix-nay on the ordination-ay, ladeeeez. (He can't even discuss women's role in the church without reducing it to reproductive terms: "the church would be 'sterile' without [them]." Okay, Infallible Player.)

Now, if Francis actually acts on these words and, say, appoints out gay (and presumably celibate) priests to prominent positions of Catholic leadership, or gives female religious and laywomen significant roles in the Vatican's decision-making, why then I will happily eat my lacy black mantilla.

But! Let us not lose sight of Francis I's first bona fide MIRACLE: I agree with Cardinal Dolan! Praise God Cthulhu Care bears Wev! Dear Your Holiness, can you try the water-into-a-nice-moscato next?

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