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I will be all up In The News while DeekyMD is shooting an episode of Catfish. Fingers crossed that it's really Prince Harry when his internet mystery lover opens the door!

[Content Note: Rape culture; terrorism; misogyny;

Same-sex marriage is now legal in England and Wales! Huzzah! Cucumber sandwiches for everyone!

Two Republicans actually give a shit about the victims of sexual violence in the military.

Um, Rolling Stone? What is happening here?

Are you excited that Liz Cheney, daughter of former Vice-Presidentish Dick Cheney, is running for US Senate? I can't imagine why you wouldn't be. That family is terrific!

In other election news, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick says he is not running for President in 2016. That doesn't mean whoever does run can't pick him as her running mate, though! Or his running mate.

Robert Downey, Jr., tops Forbes' list of the US entertainment industry's highest-paid actors. He is so lucky that he's not a woman! Otherwise, instead of being given multiple chances and lots of sympathy back when he had become uninsurable due to addiction and erratic public behavior, he would be sitting around a campfire with Margot Kidder, Sean Young, Lindsay Lohan, and Amanda Bynes, using ten years' worth of tabloid fuckery as kindling!

Congress is terrible.

And Mitch Daniels is still a nightmare.

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