Tweet of the Day

[Content Note: Fat hatred; disablist slur.]

screencap of a tweet posted by Geoffrey Miller reading: 'Dear obese PhD applicants: If you don't have the willpower to stop eating carbs, you won't have the willpower to do a dissertation. #truth.'

Wow. WOW. Wow.

Miller, who is an evolutionary psychology professor with a permanent position at the University of New Mexico currently visiting at NYU, deleted the tweet and offered "sincere apologies to all for that idiotic, impulsive, and badly judged tweet." He further noted
that, "obviously my previous tweet does not represent the selection policies of any university, or my own selection criteria." But it's not obvious. Miller has sat on admissions committees before, his CV states. Now he's expressed this apparently serious, if better-left-private, non-academic criteria for accepting or rejecting people. And his peers are calling foul.
Additionally, Chris Chambers, with the School of Psychology at Cardiff University, has written a letter to the departmental chair at UNM's department of psychology asking for accountability and a response to Miller's bigotry.

In the coverage of this fat-hating, scientifically inaccurate, harmful mess, I've seen a lot of variations on calling out Miller for hitting out the send button impulsively or failing to properly censor himself. But the problem isn't that Miller broadcast this bigotry in a public venue. The problem is that he holds this bigoted view at all.

[H/T to Kristen Fuchsia.]

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