Quote of the Day

[Content Note: Racism.]

"The demographic winter of white America is at hand, even as it began years ago for the native-born of old Europe. In political terms, this is depressing news for the Republican Party."Pat Buchanan, in his latest dispatch from Bigotville.

image of Pat Buchanan as Ned Stark from Game of Thones, saying 'Demographic winter is coming.'
Game of Groans

As soon as I read the latest census alarmism, I knew ol' Uncle Pat would have something to say about it. I didn't expect him to be quite so hilariously forthcoming about what a grim harbinger "the demographic winter of white America" (FOR REAL HE SAID THAT OMG) is for his race-baiting party, though, lol.

But it's a good excuse for him to suggest, again and predictably, severe immigration restrictions, on the fallacy that white supremacy in the US is predicated on holding a demographic majority. It is not.

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