BOOTSTRAPS! And More Paula Deen.

[Content Note: Racism; racist apologia.]

Because the "Paula Deen's an old white Southern lady" apologia is (still) driving me to utter distraction, and I'm so angry about it that I fear my head might fall off, I need to ask (again): When is the expiration date on this excuse? And do the people who are using this excuse imagine that white people today, everywhere in the US, are not being raised as racists? Because whoops.

Also: Isn't it just fucking PERFECT that the same privileged white people (and some Exceptional Black People) who endlessly scold poor black USians that they need to take more Personal Responsibility are the first assholes to argue that Paula Deen doesn't need to take any?

If you are a poor black USian whose opportunities have been limited by poverty and racism—and, depending on your individual circumstances, any number of other intersecting oppressions—and you struggle to thrive, or even survive, in a country which stacks all the cards against you, you are (so goes the narrative) a lazy, complacent taker who just isn't working hard enough.

If you are a rich white USian who is privileged enough to access most of the world and interact with just about anyone in it, but instead choose to be a small-minded racist bigot, you are (so goes the narrative) just a helpless product of your environment.

PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY! Except for not wielding your white privilege like a weapon of harm.

BOOTSTRAPS! Except for this one time! And the next time a white person fucks up!

CULTURE DOESN'T EXIST! Except for how an old white Southern lady can't help but be racist. That's just CULTURE, people!

EVERYTHING HAPPENS IN A VOID! Except for this white person's rank racism! That is part of her intractable socialization.

Once again, we find that the Ownership Society wants to own everything but personal accountability. That's for those people.

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