Tom Hardy and a Puppy Visit Al Johnson's Swedish Restaurant in Door County, Wisconsin, Where Goats Graze on the Grass Roof

actor Tom Hardy, holding a grey pit bull puppy, strolls past a log cabin restaurant with a grass roof, upon which goats are grazing

"Tom," said the puppy, flicking its ears, "why is it that so many people try to fight oppression with the same kind oppression?" And Tom asked, "Do you mean people who think the answer to violence is more violence, or people who think combating body policing by making fun of the appearance of a body policer is an effective strategy, or people who try to justify exploitation with more exploitation?" And the puppy said, "Yes, exactly. I don't understand it. How can anyone calculate that more of the same bad thing is a solution to the bad thing?" And Tom said, "I don't know, puppy. One of the greatest barriers to dismantling oppression is the terrible instinct to replicate the oppression because we're so submersively indoctrinated in it that many of us can't comprehend an alternative." And the puppy said, "I need a hug." And so Tom gave him one.

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