The Perfect News

[Content Note: Misogyny.]

Actual headline from the AP: "Jerry Lewis repeats his distaste for female comics." No, really.

screen cap of AP article headlined 'Jerry Lewis repeats his distaste for female comics' and showing a picture of Jerry Lewis smiling, plus the first line of the story, reading 'CANNES, France (AP) — Ladies? Don't make him laugh.'

"Ladies? Don't make him laugh." Ha ha great first line to a super story about how Jerry Lewis, who famously doesn't find women funny, still doesn't find women funny.

Hey, here's an idea: We'll all agree to assume that Jerry Lewis still doesn't find women funny, and continues to say stupid shit like "I cannot sit and watch a lady diminish her qualities to the lowest common denominator," unless and until he changes his mind, at which point THEN would be the perfect time to revisit Jerry Lewis' opinion on finding women funny.

Because, as it is, this isn't news. And if you really feel obliged to report regular updates after asking Jerry Lewis "if he had changed his mind at all because of performers like Melissa McCarthy and Sarah Silverman," as though Lucille Ball and Joan Rivers didn't exist, then less with the "Jerry Lewis repeats his distaste for female comics" and more with the "Misogynist dinosaur reiterates contemptible opinion about women."

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